Published Papers

Published Papers, research, thoughts written to be presented during conferences, seminars or to be  used by communities. Mostly in assignment of an organization.

Toolbox Peacebuilding. Research on interventions of international community on post conflict countries(assigment CARE) and their results. 

Toolbox Peace Clubs Burundi . Analysis and systematization of interventions on conflict and violence by communities, based on the already methods of different communities in Burundi(Assignment CARE).

Safety&Security by Communities. Burundi Based on real intervention and wisdom of communities an analysis and systematization of their community based methodology to protect them self and to prevent, manage and deal with violence and conflict.(Assignment CARE).

Evaluation on Peace building program South Sudan.

Comparative reflexion on community intervention in Burundi, Netherlands, Argentina.

About reconciliation, why in Africa and why not in Argentina.  Ubuntu vs western Individualism.

Mens boven Winst, Slot Toespraak  op de DAM,  Dag van Verontwaarding( 20 nov 2011)

Libertad  About Freedom            (5 mei 2011)

Vrijheid   About Freedom             (lezing in de Trein van de Vrijheid, 5 mei 2010)

About Truth Finding and the Importance of Memory (lezing NIOD, 2010)  Not telling, not remembering, and not seeing the past as a school for tomorrow is a kind of non-memory.              It is a way of making the goals of the dictator  successful.